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I hope you enjoyed my Travel Photo Net pages?
But, maybe, you were looking for a country that you did not find there?
Even though travelling is my favourite hobby, I can not possibly visit all countries.
Also, scanning pictures from all my previous trips takes quite a lot of time, so there’s always a huge “backlog”.

So I rely on you to fill the gap!
For the visitors this means that they can compare the different styles of various photographers.
Many of the pictures here are of such a high quality that I wish I had been there with the photographer!

On the other hand, the authors of the pictures in the guest galleries get a chance to show their images to many visitors of my site.
If you have a photo-site of your own, what better advertisement could there be than a beautiful picture? Please do not forget to include the address of your homepage, and of course, a link back to this page would be appreciated (this also helps to make the pictures in these galleries more popular and may even bring more visitors to your site).
I also intend to have profiles for the individual guest photographers, so maybe, you could write something about yourself and your interest in photography? You could also include a picture of yourself.

If you are interested in submitting any photos, please click here.
If you just want to enjoy photographic impressions from all parts of the world, please select your continent and country.
One more remark: all the pictures presented here are the copyright of the photographer who sent them to me.
Please respect this - photography is quite a time-consuming (and often expensive) occupation, whether you pursue it as a professional or as an amateur.
And of course: you must have the copyright to the pictures you send here!

PS: maybe of interest: I now have a photolog which is often updated with many new photos.
Also, there now is a section with some personal photo tips on Travel Photo Net.


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